Shams Charania and Kay Adams Photo credit: Up & Adams

The relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce dominated the headlines of Super Bowl LVIII. But as it turns out, they were not the only budding relationship at the Super Bowl, as Kay Adams and Shams Charania sat together for the big game.

Nothing has quite been confirmed yet on a potential relationship between the two FanDuel employees.  However, the two have shared numerous flirty on-air moments when Charania appears on the Up & Adams show, which has been going on for over a year now.

Adams took to social media to confirm that she was watching the Super Bowl with Charania, at the request of a fan who was curious on Twitter/X.

“I was! Besties,” tweeted Adams. “Thanks @Fanduel for letting us be part of Super Bowl Sunday!”

On one hand, Adams sitting with Charania on Sunday for the Super Bowl could be a sign that the two are more than just two coworkers. That being said, some fans pointed out Adams’ caption indicates that Charania could still be in the friend zone.

Personally, I wouldn’t call someone that I was in or considering a relationship with my “bestie”. But who knows, maybe that is just a way that Adams shows her affection.

Regardless, it will sure be interesting to see whether the flirtation between the two continues during Charania’s appearances on Up & Adams moving forward, or if he truly is in the “friend zone.”

[Kay Adams on Twitter/X]

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