Shams Charania FanDuel Kay Adam Screen grab: Up And Adams

If there are two things Shams Charania is known for beyond his basketball scoops, it’s his attachment to his cellphone and his flirtatious relationship with Kay Adams.

On Thursday, those two collided, as Adams stole Charania’s most prized possession during FanDuel’s Up & Adams.

“This is a crime that’s being committed,” a visibly nervous Charania said as Adams playfully taunted him with his phone.

“You were not playing man coverage on your phone,” Adams replied. “Is this where all the secrets are?”

Adams proceeded to urge her show’s cameras to get a closeup of Charania’s face to show how uncomfortable he was with someone else being in possession of his phone.

“You can have it,” he said. “Just hide it.”

By now, Charania’s attachment to his mobile device has become the stuff of legends, with multiple profiles on the NBA insider portraying him as a man so addicted to scoops that he won’t even drive a car in fear of missing one. He does date, although according to Intelligencer, he “doesn’t understand how his colleagues with spouses or children manage to do their jobs.”

As for his flirtatious friendship with Adams, the two FanDuel employees have been showcasing their on-screen chemistry for nearly a year now. At this point, it’s hard to tell whether Charania was blushing because he was worried about what Adams might find in his phone or because she was affording Adrian Wojnarowski the opportunity to beat him to breaking news.

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