Tennessee's All-SEC players.

Typos and autocorrects happen to everyone, but the way that played out for the Tennessee Volunteers’ official Facebook page Tuesday was quite something. The maintainer of the page appears to have been trying to been post “Velus. Theo. Cade,” the first names of the three Vols players named to coaches’ all-SEC teams (Velus Jones Jr. as a first-team all-purpose player/return specialist, Theo Jackson as a second-team defensive back and Cade Mays as a second-team offensive lineman). The way they posted this on Twitter was fine, even including players’ handles:

But when it came to Facebook, “Velus” somehow got swapped out for “Fuck,” leaving a message of “Fuck. Theo. Cade.” The post has since been deleted from the Vols’ official Facebook page (and not even yet republished with a corrected description), but a couple of different screenshots posted to Twitter indicate that this was live there for a least a bit:

Errors happen, but that’s a very unfortunate one. (Unless there’s a “Theo Cade” out there who deserves this.) And there are a lot of questions about why even autocorrect would change “Velus” to “Fuck.” This is one case where a previous ill-advised Vols’ social media strategy of just logging off might actually have worked out better.

[Will Backus on Twitter; top photo from the Tennessee athletics website, UTSports.com]

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