On Thursday night, former LSU running back Leonard Fournette was selected with the fourth pick of the NFL Draft.

Fournette is represented by Roc Nation Sports, the agency run by Jay Z, a fact ESPN’s Darren Rovell shared Thursday, as part of a nice little draft-related tidbit.

There was one problem with this fun fact, however: Roc Nation Sports doesn’t only rep NBA and NFL (and baseball and soccer) players, it also reps a WNBA player, Skylar Diggins of the Dallas Wings.

And Diggins was drafted No. 3 overall in 2013, higher than Fournette this year.

Diggins let Rovell know about his mistake in a poetically terse tweet.

And Rovell, to his credit, responded quickly and graciously, acknowledging his error.

So Rovell made a little mistake and took it pretty well when he was corrected. That’s the end of the story, right?

Not exactly.

About an hour later, after having clearly done some research, Rovell fired back with an all-time classic #WellActually.

Technically yes, Diggins was announced by Roc Nation a little while after she was drafted. But was it really worth making that pedantic point just to “win” an exchange with Diggins? Apparently it was.

It also seems quite possible that even though Roc Nation didn’t announce Diggins until after the draft, they repped her (maybe even informally) leading up to it, as this article suggests. And if that’s the case, you know who might know better than Darren Rovell? Skylar Diggins.

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