Darren Rovell got in a Twitter fight with Marvin Jones.

Welcome once again to Twitter Wars, where we cover ridiculous sports media arguments on social media.

ESPN’s Darren Rovell is known for his attempts to reduce absolutely everything to dollars and cents and for his repeated Twitter feuds, and those two elements combined Wednesday when he got into a Twitter fight with Detroit Lions’ wide receiver Marvin Jones Jr. Rovell started this by jumping uninvited on a tweet from Jones about he and his wife opening a new “Nothing Bundt Cakes” location. After Jones fired back, Rovell then tried to say this wasn’t about Jones’ specific situation, but he still was roasted by Jones and much of the internet. Here’s how it went down:

The #weirdo hashtag there is great, and relatable considering some of Rovell’s stunts over the years. Rovell continued trying to defend his actions, though, with some bragging to boot:

But the internet’s verdict was largely on Jones’ side here:

But it’s okay, Rovell will probably return to tweeting out fake maps with obvious misspellings and no credit for their creators sometime soon:

We’ll give this one to Jones decisively. What about you?

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