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Sports media is all Deion Sanders right now, and Pardon the Interruption wants a piece of the pie. Hosts Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon on Monday clamored for “Coach Prime” to make his return to the show after being a frequent guest early in the show’s run.

“Deion’s on every single (show),” Kornheiser said. “If you want to interview Deion— if you’re a high school kid, he’ll talk to you. He was on 60 minutes last night. He’s everywhere.”

The comments come after Sanders appeared on all the ESPN programming from Boulder this weekend, including First Take, College GameDay and The Pat McAfee Show. Sanders also sat for an interview with Jon Wertheim on 60 Minutes.

Meanwhile, he made more than a million off a controversy with Colorado State coach Jay Norvell. Sanders’ son skewered sports pundit Danny Kannell online. Everyone’s talking about Sanders.

And Sanders did in fact appear on PTI in the earlier years of the show. In fact, his 2003 appearance on-camera from a barbershop is one of the highlights of the show’s history. He was promoting the “30 for 30” about him and talking about his desire to get into coaching. The past is a prologue.

These days, PTI is short on guests outside Booger McFarland and doesn’t even have its old statistician/co-host, Tony Reali. It makes sense the old-timers would want their old buddy on with them20

Half the people on sports shows these days aren’t even old enough to remember Sanders as an athlete. They may have not thought twice about him until he got to Jackson State or even Colorado.

Let the PTI guys back in the ring with Sanders, for old times’ sake.

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