Mike Greenberg, Tom Brady Roast, Mike & Mike Roast Screen grab: ‘Get Up’

While it’s been 16 years since the roast of Mike and Mike, the memories from the event are still burned in the brain of Mike Greenberg.

That was apparent on Monday, as the Get Up host began a conversation regarding Netflix’s The Roast of Tom Brady. But before Greenberg could push forward with the segment, he was interrupted by panelist Jay Williams, who suggested they roast the longtime ESPN host.

“I feel like we should do a roast of Greeny,” Williams said.

“What?” Greenberg replied incredulously.

“I feel like we should do a roast on you,” Williams responded.

“Are you saying that because you don’t know we did that once?” Greenberg replied. “The Mike and Mike roast?”

“You did a Mike and Mike roast?” Williams asked.

“Oh no, no, let’s move past that quickly,” Greenberg said. “There are some memories in life that you try as hard as you possibly can to erase from your memory bank. Trust me.”

The longtime Mike and Mike host proceeded to note that fellow panelist Tim Legler was in attendance of the 2008 roast, to which the NBA analyst replied, “Oh, I was right there.”

“My material for your next roast came from that roast,” Legler added.

Clearly growing increasingly uncomfortable, Greenberg called for his producer to go to something — anything — to move the show forward. Highlights from the NBA Playoffs matchup between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Orlando Magic quickly appeared on the screen, with Greenberg swiftly stating, “Oh, Cavs-Magic. Game 7. Thank you, as I’m sweating.”

For the unfamiliar, the Mike and Mike roast was largely viewed as an ESPN disaster on par with the likes of ESPN Mobile, Barstool Van Talk and The Art of Conversation. While the event was for charity and not broadcast publicly, details that leaked out included co-host Trey Wingo bombing, a Vodka-chugging Dana Jacobson taking the stage and a random performance from the band Lifehouse.

Suffice to say, don’t expect ESPN to sanction another roast of Greenberg anytime soon. But in case they do, Legler will be ready.

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