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For all the very serious sports coverage on ESPN, there are also times where the network’s talent likes to have some fun pranking each other. Draft gurus Todd McShay and Mel Kiper Jr. did just that on SportsCenter Coast-To-Coast Wednesday, sitting down with anchor David Lloyd to discuss their various mock drafts and saying that they would have one (Kiper) and zero (McShay) QBs taken in the first round in a couple of their mock draft permutations before admitting that they’re just pranking Lloyd. Here’s the completely serious setup, but one that does involve very short and abrupt answers from the two draftniks:

Here’s the next part, where McShay admits “We’re just messing with you, man.”

And here’s Lloyd’s reaction of “That is mean-spirited!”, plus Kiper saying “I had a hard time not just losing it” and Lloyd eventually going “We all need a laugh. Can we just start over?”

This is pretty funny, especially with McShay’s full-on trolling of no first-round QBs (Kiper’s one is a little more believable, particularly considering that this is in a draft just of what he would do, not what GMs will necessarily do). It’s good to see that ESPN personalities can have some fun with the endless stream of NFL mock drafts, which are often treated so incredibly seriously. And credit to Lloyd for rolling with this and handling it well.


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