I wish had a lot more tell you beyond the headline, but I thought was important that you all know that THERE IS GOING TO BE A BILL WALTON 30 FOR 30.

Earlier this week, I noticed ESPN has aggressively started promoting various ESPN Film projects, which was welcome news after a sluggish 2021.

Today, ESPN dropped an additional ESPN Films promo, this one with the Walton project clip. Here is that amazing three seconds.

The title, as of now, for this installment is The Luckiest Guy In The World. Beyond that, we don’t know much more, although we did a little sleuthing though and have found out that unfortunately this is still very early in production. It will not be a 2022 release, with 2023 (or even 2024) release more likely. While that’s a bit disappointing, the flip side is that with all that time, they could totally make this as long as OJ or The Last Dance (they won’t, but I’m just going float it trying to manifest this into happening) Nearly 20 years ago, Walton had an ESPN docuseries called Bill Walton’s Long, Strange Trip, so it’s not impossible that we could get a longer form project here.

As evident in my writing, I’m a big Bill Walton fan. He’s different. He’s funny. He gives very few fucks. He’s lived a very colorful and eventful life, which should be a good bet for a solid 30 for 30.

Bill Walton is the future of sports media

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