Some of the Around The Horn Halloween costumes for 2018.

Halloween is upon us, and so is the tradition of ESPN studio show personalities dressing up for it. Here are some of the highlights this year:

Frank Isola as Mike Francesa: This “Around The Horn” bit with Isola as “Frankcesa” was spot on, right down to the “Frank’s On” app:

Bomani Jones as “Black Jackie Chan” and Pablo Torre as “Asian Chris Tucker”: Here’s their introduction of their Rush Hour costumes, complete with a discussion about why they didn’t change their skin color:

Oh, and this led to an utterly predictable response:

Right. You keep on with that, @ThatDudeBrock69. Back to the Halloween costumes, here are Pardon The Interruption‘s Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser as Joel Embiid and…Gritty.

Some other Around The Horn moments included Sarah Spain as Freddie Mercury, Mina Kimes as a bottle of Sriracha sauce, and Israel Gutierrez as Cardi B:

Gutierrez even pulled off a wardrobe change:

Meanwhile, Highly Questionable dove into Batman-themed costumes:

And not to leave out the SEC Network, here’s what they brought to the table:

All in all, an impressive effort across ESPN’s shows.

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