A Dave Matthews fan trying to take a photo of Dave Matthews at a Chicago Cubs game. Credit: ESPN

On Sunday night, the Chicago Cubs unveiled a Ryne Sandberg statue at Wrigley Field. It was a touching honor for a baseball player who some might say was “The Best of What’s Around” for the Cubs in the 1980s and that this would narrow “The Space Between” a great player of yesteryear and fans of today.

It was perhaps apropos then that Dave Matthews was in the crowd Sunday evening when the Cubs hosted the New York Mets for a Sunday Night Baseball broadcast on ESPN.

Matthews was spotted by SNB cameras and announcer Jon “Boog” Sciambi, filling in for Karl Ravech, was pretty blown away.

“Hey look it’s Dave Matthews!” said Sciambi. “Seriously? Pretty cool.”

That’s when the cameras picked up a guy in another part of the ballpark wearing a Dave Matthews Band t-shirt (which, to be fair, must happen pretty regularly in Chicago). From there, comedy ensued.

“OH MY GOSH! IF ONLY THAT GUY KNEW! Somebody just tell him. He’s out in the bleachers. Dave’s behind the plate.”

“Bring that beer to Dave Matthews,” added David Cone.

“Bring that beer to Dave Matthews!” responded Sciambi.

“And try the XL…on the shirt,” sniped Cone.

“Not the schmedium?” asked Sciambi.

“Not the schmedium, no,” added Cone.

After briefly returning to the baseball game happening around them, the SNB crew returned to the fan who now appeared to be aware that Dave Matthews was behind the plate and was attempting to get a video or a photo of him.

“Take a picture of Dave Matthews,” said Sciambi. “Dave is very far away.”

It was a special night for that Cubs fan, though we hope he doesn’t catch wind of Cone’s ruthless dig. I mean, “What Would You Say” to that, you know?

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