Steve Young chomping down on the head of a raw fish.

Eating weird things is apparently becoming a go-to move for ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown crew. Analysts Randy Moss and Charles Woodson have been eating unusual dishes at different tailgates for both the broadcast and a separate YouTube show this fall, while Woodson took the One Chip Challenge last week, and Steve Young got in on the fun this week.

In Seattle ahead of Falcons-Seahawks Monday, Young followed the lead of Seahawks’ fans Jake Anderson and Keith Colburn from Deadliest Catch, and bit the head off a raw fish:

And Moss gets in on the action later in that clip, biting off a small fish head of some sort around the 0:39 mark. So that’s fun, and a different approach to sushi, I guess. And it also made for a more original fish-themed occurrence on a Seattle broadcast than the standard B-roll of tossed fish at Pike Place Market. Young seems like a long-shot candidate to pick for “ESPN personality most likely to bite the head off a raw fish on television” (Rex Ryan must have been the clubhouse favorite, right?), but hey, you do what you have to do for TV. He certainly produced a memorable moment with this.

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