Stephen A. Smith, Molly Qerim and Dan Orlovsky on First Take

We already know Stephen A. Smith has a massive ego, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he has equally large body parts.

Thursday morning on First Take, Smith and Dan Orlovsky broke down this weekend’s pending cold weather game as Tua Tagovailoa’s Miami Dolphins travel north to face Josh Allen’s Buffalo Bills. During the segment, First Take played a clip that included a photo of a Bills fan wearing some sort of Halloween mask, prompting Smith to tell Orlovsky and Molly Qerim how he used to combat the cold when covering the Eagles at Philadelphia’s old Veterans Stadium.

“When you’re in cold weather like that, Molly, whatever works. You can’t be choosy,” Smith said, garnering an “Oh. My. Goodness.” from Qerim.

“I had on like, two snorkels, I had on like two pairs of long johns, I had on the thickest corduroy pants you could find,” Smith recalled of his time covering cold weather games in Philly. “I wear a size 12.5 show. I wore a 15! Because I put on three pairs of thermal socks! Them thick thermal socks! That’s how cold it was at the old Veterans Stadium…I rolled up in their looking 300 pounds!”

Notice Smith did not mention having someone nearby to rub his feet. But there was only one aspect of Smith’s detailed outfit explanation that Orlovsky couldn’t get passed. “You got small feet!” Orlovsky said with a big smile. And remember, feet do not shrink in the cold.

“For a dude who’s 6’ 5” you got small feet,” Orlovsky added.

Smith, however, was less smiley about Orlovsky implying his feet aren’t all that they could be. Recognizing that some people are concerned with an individual’s shoe size and those people might use that information to make other sizable assumptions, Smith was quick to defend his feet.

“I’m 6’ 1” with 12.5 or 13 size shoes. That is not small feet my brother,” Smith boasted before holding up his palm to add, “nor small hands.”

Smith has a big personality, big platform, big voice, big ego, big bank account, we should have known he also has big hands, big feet and everything big that comes with it, like big thermal socks and big shoes.

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