Stephen A. Smith

If you have been wondering why Stephen A. Smith hasn’t been on ESPN’s First Take recently, it’s because he had to have shoulder surgery.

Smith tweeted on Thursday that he has been rehabbing from shoulder surgery after suffering a partial tear of his rotator cuff and bicep. In addition, Stephen A. also had a bone spur and an injury to his labrum. Smith appreciated the love that he’s received and said he’ll be back on TV next month.

If you’re a regular on ESPN and you have to miss some time in order to get surgery that you’ll eventually need, this would be the best time to do it. The bulk of NBA offseason has already taken place and we’re still a few weeks away from the start of the NFL preseason. Needless to say, this is the lull of the sports world.

Despite my dislike of debate shows like First Take, I join everybody else in wishing Stephen A. well in his recovery and hope that he comes back soon.

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