Stephen A. Smith and Kelly Stafford Credit:X Stephen A. Smith called out Kelly Stafford for her admission about dating Matthew Stafford’s roommate in college.

Kelly Stafford created a minor stir recently when she admitted that she dated Matthew Stafford’s backup QB at Georgia in a bid to make her future husband jealous.

Stephen A. Smith has a question for Kelly Stafford: Why share that story?

For those who missed Stafford’s original remarks on the Off the Vine podcast, she told host Kristin Bristowe about how she started her relationship with Matthew. The pair, who met as students at the University of Georgia, married in 2015.

“At first, I hated him. I loved him. I dated the backup to p*** him off, which worked,” Kelly said. “He was the bad boy too like Matthew’s so sweet and Southern gentleman and all that stuff and the backup was the complete opposite. And it upset him.”

It certainly wasn’t the biggest sports news of the week, but the story left many fans scratching their heads. Smith asked the questions everyone had been thinking.

“If you are Mrs. Stafford, what could possibly make you think that it is OK for you to go home, after revealing to the public, I kicked it with his backup? What possible advantage could you peel from that?” Smith asked.

“I met the woman once, she’s a nice lady,” the ESPN personality continued. “I’m not casting any aspersions on her character or anything like that, I would never disrespect Matthew Stafford’s wife or anybody else’s wife, I’m just making the point: What would make you think that’s OK? Why would you do that?”

Those are great questions.

Here are Kelly Stafford’s remarks in full context. It’s not as if she told some salacious tale on the podcast, but she did make a really curious decision to share that story.

@offthevinepodcast Well… It worked 🤣🤣 Tune in to hear how Kelly shares dating the back-up QB made @matthewstafford come running back ! 🫶🏼 SPOILER ALERT: they’re married now!! 🤍 #football #datinglife #podcastclips @kaitlynbristowe @kellyandhank ♬ original sound – Off The Vine

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