Stephen A. Smith discussing food question from Dan Orlovsky Photo Credit: Stephen A. Smith Show on YouTube

Stephen A. Smith has addressed many ridiculous questions on The Stephen A. Smith Show.

Dan Orlovsky has shared many ridiculous opinions and preferences related to food.

Recently those two unstoppable forces met to make for a magic moment.

Whether it be bashing Thanksgiving Day food, his lack of NYC pizza knowledge, or admitting that he only keeps salt and pepper in his seasonings cabinet, Orlovsky has become well-known for his strange food habits and obsessions.

On Friday, he submitted a question to Smith’s show about which kind of jelly he prefers on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Traditionally, most people would immediately think of either grape or strawberry jelly when it comes to a PB&J. Not Orlovsky, who asked Stephen A. to rank four different jellies: Strawberry, grape, raspberry, and blackberry.

Stephen A. responded on his show Friday how you may expect, ripping Orlovsky for even including raspberry and blackberry in this question.

“Dan Orlovsky, my buddy at ESPN. Oh my lord,” said Smith. “This is unbelievable, I can’t believe he sent in this tweet. This is ridiculous. I love him though, I love him to death. First of all, understand something about Dan. Dan is probably putting mayonnaise with peanut butter. I’m not putting anything past him. Something is wrong with him.

“He’s a great guy and a great NFL analyst by the way. But here is the deal, blackberry and raspberry ain’t even in the mix. It’s either going to be grape or strawberry. Grape at one and strawberry at two. Not applicable is blackberry and raspberry with peanut butter. How much do you want to make a bet that blackberry and raspberry are what Dan Orlovsky likes? Bet the house. Something wrong with him, but I love him.”

As Stephen A. predicted, Orlovsky pushed back against his answer in a response.

“To say raspberry isn’t in the mix is outrageous,” wrote Orlovsky on X.

To be fair to Orlovsky, this isn’t even in the top five worst food takes that he has ever had. It’s not like blackberry or raspberry jelly is unheard of and can’t go on a sandwich. They’re perfectly fine choices. However, they certainly aren’t overwhelmingly popular.

Then again, few things about Orlovsky’s diet meet that criteria.

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