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Do you want to know exactly where ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith stands on female breasts and what his personal history is involving him?

No? Well, too bad. We had to hear it and now you do too.

Two weeks ago, Smith dedicated a segment on his podcast to discussing a tweet on breast milk from New York Knicks’ guard Josh Hart, noting his personal opinion on breasts as a positive one.

“Josh Hart sent out some kind of tweet or whatever asking folks if y’all had ever tasted breast milk. Breast milk,” said Smith. “That’s what he said. Now, I’ve never been inclined to taste breast milk. I like breasts. You don’t have to be a baby to like breasts. Matter of fact, one could easily argue there are adults who like breasts more than babies. However, breast milk is a different matter.”

Smith has now deepened public knowledge about where he stands on the female form, teasing the topic in a tweet to promote Wednesday’s episode of The Stephen A. Smith Show.

“I, personally, do not believe you should be showing your breasts, regardless of who you are, at The White House,” wrote Smith.

As for the podcast segment itself, after going on a tangent involving porn (“I watched porn back in the day. A little bit of it.”) and how there’s a time and place for everything, Smith segued into recounting the recent story of trans model and activist Rose Montoya, who appeared topless in a video during an LGBTQ Pride month celebration on Saturday at the White House.

Montoya was subsequently banned from future White House events. Smith agreed with that decision.

“[Montoya] decides that while she’s at the White House, because the Biden administration was honoring Pride Month, she gonna show up and, on the White House lawn, gonna show her titties on a weekday afternoon. I mean c’mon. C’mon now.”

Smith then showed the video in question, which included her meeting President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden while later briefly showing her posing topless with her hand covering her nipples.

“So, you’re on the White House lawn. With the White House as the backdrop. And that enticed you to show yo titties? Really? Really?” asked Smith.

Smith then shared Montoya’s statement, saying that she wasn’t trying to be vulgar but simply “live her truth.”

“Well if that was the case, why didn’t you just show up with your titties out as you rolled up to the White House?” asked Smith. “You know why you didn’t do it? Because you know they wouldn’t have let you in. Which means you were fully aware of the fact that it was inappropriate for you to do what you did. You just didn’t care.

“And at the end of the day, at some point in time, people are gonna learn that excessive acts is what ultimately is going to get in the way of the progress you seek. Because you’re so busy wanting to be flamboyant. That ain’t living. That’s stuffing it in people’s face. What you gonna do next, walk down 7th Avenue in New York with your breasts out? What you gonna do next, not care that there’s kids around while you do it? What’s next? What’s to stop you? Where’s the decorum?”

We could dig into Smith’s point of view on the issue and say it sounds like he’s putting the onus on LGBTQ+ people to prove they belong rather than assuming they have the right to simply exist, but we don’t know how far down the rabbit hole of his personal and political beliefs we want to go.

After a brief tirade about how he doesn’t believe that showing the nipple and/or breast could lead one to jail (even though plenty of women have been arrested for being topless), Smith launched into his personal history with female breasts.

“I’ve been seeing breasts all my life. I was breastfed by my mamma out of the womb. And after that, once I grew up, and I started to engage in sexual activities, which now spans about [38 years], I’ve been seeing breasts all my adult life. Since I was 17.”

So now we know.

[The Stephen A. Smith Show]

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