Chris “Mad Dog” Russo has done a great job filling the debate chair across from Stephen A. Smith on First Take in recent weeks, but Wednesday morning was a literal struggle.

Last week, Russo fumbled his earpiece to the ground during a heated debate with Smith, this week the former Mike and the Mad Dog star nearly landed on the floor himself after hilariously wrestling with his chair.

“Whoops, I’m falling off my chair!” Russo griped as he attempted to continue arguing Aaron Rodgers has been a disappointing playoff performer in his career.

As First Take moderator Molly Qerim offered to help Russo back up, the sports radio star politely declined, adding “no I could get on the chair!”

Barely breaking stride in his debate with Smith, Russo continued to try to keep his fanny on the seat. And he continued to lose the battle in a blunder that strongly resembled something we’d see out of Cosmo Kramer on Seinfeld.

“WHAT’S A MATTER WITH THE CHAIR FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!” Russo screamed, a seemingly desperate plea for someone to step up and lock the wheels on his seat.

Meanwhile, Smith absolutely lost it, laughing hysterically as he watched the 62-year-old sports radio pioneer attempt to stabilize his chair.

While Dog’s fight with his seat stole the show on Wednesday, the Chris Russo-Stephen A. Smith pairing has been a rave success in the infancy of their partnership. Russo recently signed on to co-host First Take with Smith every Wednesday and has yet to disappoint in creating viral moments for ESPN.

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