SportsCenter set The Freeze's race against a Braves fan to a great montage of famous calls.

The Atlanta Braves’ promotion of having groundscrew member Nigel Talton dress up as “The Freeze” and race fans given a substantial head start produced amazing results Friday night. In that case, one fan thought he had won thanks to his giant lead, only to start celebrating too early and faceplant as The Freeze passed him to win. ESPN’s SportsCenter then made this even better Saturday night, setting the race in question to a montage of famous calls, from Brent Musburger’s “You are looking live” to Chris Berman’s “He could go all the way!” to Al Michaels’ “Do you believe in miracles? Yes!”:

That’s very well done by SportsCenter, and it made this moment even better. The “There are no flags on the field” was a nice touch, too, as were the horse racing calls and the perfect piano music. Well played. And hey, sometimes epic calls deserve to be set over moments like this, not just the most consequential sporting moments.


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