Derek Dietrich and Dan Le Batard (shirtless) on Highly Questionable.

Dan Le Batard has become known for a lot of running bits, and one of those involves discussing current MLB free agent Derek Dietrich‘s physique. That’s led to Dietrich showing up shirtless on Le Batard’s radio show, something he did again Friday. And that led to a very funny role reversal on Highly Questionable later, where Dietrich was clothed and Le Batard was shirtless:

Here’s a transcription of that:

Le Batard: “How am I doing with this look? I feel like I look a little bit better than you wearing this ensemble. How am I doing?”

Dietrich: “Ha! I mean, it’s a work in progress…”

Le Batard: “Don’t make me laugh! It’s jiggling, it’s jiggling.”

Dietrich: “Well, we could use some of the manscaping trimmers…”

Le Batard: “My nipples could cut diamonds, it’s so cold in here.”

Dietrich: “A few gym visits, a few visits to the local gym, and we’ll be ready to go here come next season.”

That’s pretty funny, even if many viewers probably weren’t looking to ever see Le Batard shirtless. And at least he did warn people:

No word on if ESPN is contemplating a suspension yet or not. But hey, Le Batard embarrassed himself less in this segment with Dietrich than a couple of Pirates’ broadcasters did last year with comments about Dietrich’s grandfather

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