Scott Van Pelt announced on Twitter this week that his family has a new addition: Redd, seen in his introductory picture looking as adorable as a puppy can possibly look.

Van Pelt has notably discussed his love of dogs and how Redd’s predecessor, Otis, made a lasting impact on Scott and his family. Most memorably, perhaps, was this spring’s impossibly moving eulogy for Otis. It was beautiful writing, delivered through tears, stretching beyond just offering fond memories of a pet, touching on the nearly elemental relationship between humans and dogs and what it means to love when you know it isn’t permanent.

Today, Redd pooped in the house on camera.

Not just on camera, but while SVP was recording an episode of Slow News Day with The Ringer’s Kevin Clark.

It is, of course, objectively hilarious that Redd chose to do his business in just about the only spot in the entire room where he’d be visible to the camera. But what sends this moment to the heights of serendipitous providence is the fact that it happened at the perfect time to interrupt Clark’s attempt at a Ryen Russillo hair history dialogue. (Not that Clark’s bit isn’t great, too, to be clear. It’s just fantastic juxtaposition.)

Twitter’s reaction was swift and predictable, perhaps best summed up here by Brian Floyd:

Others rightly pointed to Van Pelt’s impeccable response, where he both noted the Russillo juxtaposition AND signaled for a twenty-second timeout in basketball fashion. A true professional!

If Redd can make this sort of on-camera impact within the early stages of both his life and his time in the Van Pelt home, he’s going to be a star for a long time to come.

But, and it’s important to stress this even if it’s already been said: good dog, Redd.

Very good dog.

[screenshot via Kevin Clark on Twitter]

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