SAN FRANCISCO, CA – FEBRUARY 05: TV personality Sage Steele attends Bleacher Report’s ‘Bleacher Ball’ presented by go90 at The Mezzanine prior to Sunday’s big game on February 5, 2016 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Bleacher Ball)

ESPN’s Sage Steele was reportedly struck in the face by an errant Jon Rahm tee shot during Thursday’s round at the PGA Championship.

That’s from Geoff Shackelford’s account in today’s edition of his Quadrilateral newsletter (which is excellent.)

ESPN anchor Sage Steele was struck by a Jon Rahm tee shot and one eyewitness told The Quadrilateral they “saw her on the ground, holding her nose, mouth or chin area” and her hands “covered in blood.” Medical personnel were summoned but the PGA of America was unaware of the incident and deferred to ESPN. A spokesman there also had no comment.

I was standing behind the tee when Rahm hit a hard hook into the left trees. He immediately yelled “Fore Left!” and aggressively waved his arm pointing left. The impact must have been brutal: Rahm’s tee shot ended up in the center of the fairway.

A review of the Featured Group coverage showed nothing abnormal or signs that Rahm or his caddie had any idea someone was injured by the tee shot.

Imagining a golf ball bouncing off a face and back into the fairway and you get an idea of how it could cause that kind of injury.

Steele was at Southern Hills for SportsCenter coverage at the PGA. According to Ryan Glasspiegel at the New York Post, Steele understandably won’t be on ESPN’s coverage the rest of the week.

Sources told The Post that Steele has traveled home to Connecticut and will not be back on ESPN’s coverage of the tournament this weekend.

An ESPN spokesperson declined to comment for this story.

Steele is currently suing her employer, alleging a violation of her constitutional rights.

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