Jeff Passan Photo credit: ESPN

In recent years, I’ve come to realize I have differing opinions with Sage Steele on a lot of things, but not about Jeff Passan’s hair.

During Friday’s noon edition of SportsCenter, Passan joined to offer the latest on the approaching Major League Baseball trade deadline. And before ESPN’s MLB insider signed off from his segment, SportsCenter anchor Jay Harris said, “we call him Jeff with the good hair.”

Steele quickly chimed in to add “[Jeff] Darlington has really good hair,” noting that ESPN has two Jeffs with hair to be proud of. But Harris made sure to offer a behind-the-scenes look at the off-camera conversations that take place about two of ESPN’s premier heads of hair. Notice there was no mention of their new colleague, Joe Buck, who recently shared images of himself preparing for the NFL season with hair plugs.

“I texted Darlington what you said about you having the better hair and he said ‘hahahaha’ and then he said something that I can’t repeat,” Harris said.

“Sage said it, not me!” Passan jumped in. “I’m selling you out, Sage. It’s your fault.”

“Commercial conversations are supposed to stay confidential,” Steele added, seemingly frustrated by the hair assessment making it on-air.

Here’s the thing. They both have great hair, especially for men who breached their 40s. But Passan can tailor his hair to match Darlington’s and Darlington can’t style his hair to match Passan’s. It takes a uniquely thick head of hair, with no indication of a receding hairline, to achieve the look Passan portrays, and there’s not another Jeff at ESPN who has it.


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