Aaron Rodgers threw for 341 yards and four touchdowns and is now squarely in the 2021 MVP race. But not all is well, as Rodgers revealed in the post game press conference that his high profile toe injury is trending in the wrong direction.

“It feels worse. I don’t know what kind of setback that I had tonight, but we will look at it tomorrow, but I definitely took a step back tonight.”

Rodgers later hinted that surgery could be an option depending on the setback, though it remained a last resort.

Naturally, this topic came up on Get Up! and in-house comedian Rex Ryan was primed and ready for the discussion.



Ryan Clark had to leave the set laughing, but he returned with a good “best foot forward” quip. If you don’t get the reference, you’re missing out on a whole thing. To sum up: Rex Ryan has a foot fetish and seems quite comfortable about it a decade plus after the revelation initially delighted the internet.

Rex Ryan wasn’t the only one with some strong Aaron Rodgers toe commentary as Stephen A added this later in the day on First Take.

While the morning shows got a lot of positive mileage discussing Rodgers and his toe situation, not everyone in sports media has been as lucky. Last night, inexplicably, Cris Collinsworth launched into this spiel about Rodgers and his honesty this this season.

Given how well the Packers are playing, the uncertainty about Rodgers’ toe, and the continuing drama surrounding where he’ll be playing next year, it’s likely Rodgers will be creating a lot of headlines and opportunities for takes and jokes in the near future.

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