ESPN analyst Ryan Clark played all or part of 13 seasons in the NFL with four teams, most famously a stretch with the Steelers that included a Super Bowl win. You can’t play in the NFL that long without getting hurt, and on top of the usual NFL incidents, Clark’s sickle cell trait resulted in a season ending splenic infarction at altitude in Denver. In short, Clark has dealt with plenty of injuries, and he probably assumed a career in broadcasting would be a lot less dangerous.

Unfortnately, Clark learned today that live television also requires you to keep your head on a swivel, as he apparently walked into a camera during NFL Live, resulting in a head injury that required stitches.


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So who said we aren’t tough on @espnnfl ? Hit the camera, may need some stitches!!

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Clark started the broadcast but the show finished without him, and signed off by addressing what had happened:

Adam Schefter, meanwhile, was in his element:

And he even reported a post-suture image, if that’s something you’re interested in.

Some of Clark’s current and former ESPN colleagues didn’t exactly let him off the hook, either:

Thankfully it sounds like the Twitter jokes might end up being worse than the injury itself.

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