Ryan Clark ESPN Ryan Clark on “The Pivot” Podcast.

Former NFL defensive back and ESPN personality Ryan Clark is a free agent in the media world. Clark announced that his contract with the once-dubbed “Worldwide Leader in Sports” had expired this week.

While we await what’s next, a report emerged on Saturday toting an update. Pro Football Talk reported that ESPN has an offer for Clark that’s currently on the table.

“Regardless, the ball is in Clark‘s court. ESPN has an offer on the table. He can accept it, or he can counter. If he counters, ESPN can do the same,” PFT’s Mike Florio wrote.

Clark has risen up the ranks in recent years at ESPN. He’s become one of its lead presences on the network’s NFL coverage. Clark enjoyed a 13-year NFL career after going undrafted out of Louisiana State University in 2002. He famously played for the Pittsburgh Steelers, who he won Super Bowl XLIII with after the 2008-09 season.

Clark also has a maintained presence on The Pivot podcast with fellow ex-NFL players Channing Crowder and Fred Taylor. He’s also part of the crew for the Inside the NFL series.

There’s no telling where Clark might end up or if ESPN will just snatch him back up anyway. There’ll be plenty of eyes on this one, though. It could start a fascinating few months in the sports media world.

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