Robert Griffin III is currently employed as a college football analyst for ESPN, but his deal allows him the freedom to return to the NFL should any team be interested.

During an interview with Rich Eisen, RG3 hinted that in fact some teams have reached out to express interest, and it’s in large part thanks to Rich Eisen’s charity 40-yard dash event. Griffin took it seriously, as you’d expect from any professional athlete, and clocked in at 4.48.

Eisen had Griffin on his show today to ask him about the event, and the subject of potential NFL interest came up thanks to a professional segue from Eisen.

Griffin: You’re 32, why are you out there running a 4.4 40? Go have a sandwich or something.

Eisen: Speaking of 32, did any of the 32 teams give you a call after seeing the 4.48?

Griffin: Yes, I did get some calls because of that 4.48. No kidding. Got some calls.

Griffin went on to note that he does indeed have interest, mentioning that he’s only 32 and pointing out that quarterbacks are having longer careers than ever these days. Griffin also noted that there’s a chance a team with a young quarterback might want him in camp or on the roster as more of a mentor, while also being able to step in and play if necessary.

It really is incredible that even in an unofficial setting he was able to post that time. Considering the dearth of quarterback depth around the league, there’s a real chance that he could end up with a camp invite this summer. If he did manage to catch on with a team (and he cites the Cowboys, Falcons, and Bears as possible destinations if he had his choice) thanks in part to the Run Rich Run event, it would be quite a story.

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