Robert Griffin III on Get Up! Credit: ESPN

After Aaron Rodgers’ 2023 NFL season abruptly ended during the first possession of their season-opener on Monday, everyone came out of the woodwork to suggest replacements at quarterback for the New York Jets.

Robert Griffin III’s suggestion? Robert Griffin III. The ESPN football analyst appeared on Get Up! Tuesday and made the case for himself and others to potentially fill the void left by Rodgers, though he would also come to admit that it’s Zach Wilson’s team now, for better or worse.

“Some of these guys like Carson Wentz, Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick, myself; it’s not that we can’t play the game anymore, it’s that we are a big distraction if you bring us in… So now that your starter in Aaron Rodgers is out, you can potentially go and grab some of those guys.”

One version of the clip that made the rounds, which was created by an X user called Mr. Burnz, cut off RGIII’s comments before he admitted that realistically the Jets are going to count on Wilson for the remainder of the season. It also ends with the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme playing while images of RGIII’s co-hosts are made to imply that they don’t agree with the idea that he could still play.

That clip was then shared by Washington D.C. sports broadcaster and radio host Grant Paulsen, which is how it went viral, racking up over four million views.

Upset by the lack of context in the clip and the direct shot at him at the end, the former quarterback quote-tweeted Paulsen with a full version of his comments and some choice words.

“Grant. Stop chasing clout,” Griffin tweeted. “Do your job and post the whole clip instead of being a weasel. The point is Zach Wilson gives the Jets the best chance to win. No one off the street will save the Jets.”

Griffin’s presumed assumption that Paulsen made that clip is incorrect, but it’s probably still fair for him to take offense given the implication in the video.

Still, Griffin did bring it on himself by saying that the only reason an NFL GM didn’t invite him to play recently was because he would be a “distraction,” and not because he’s three years removed from playing and seven years removed from starting.

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