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NFL media members can’t seem to stop disrespecting Dwayne Haskins after he tragically died earlier this year. On Monday, ESPN’s Rex Ryan just added his name to the list.

Monday morning, during ESPN’s Get Up and First Take crossover, Ryan attempted to tout New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones. And he did so by chiding Haskins.

“I also said Daniel Jones would be the second quarterback drafted when he came out ahead of this guy, this Haskins,” Ryan said, putting air quotes around the late quarterback’s name. “That everybody raved about, that I knew would struggle in the National Football League.”

“God rest his soul,” Stephen A. Smith quickly interjected. As soon as Smith noted that Haskins had passed, Ryan’s boastful demeanor quickly deflated.

“I know and that’s – I shouldn’t have said it,” Ryan added.

Adam Schefter, Gil Brandt and Chris Adamski are among the NFL media members who have had to apologize for insensitive remarks about Haskins following his death. Ryan may need to do the same, whether that occurs publicly or privately to Haskins’ family.

The former NFL head coach’s disrespect was not intentional, Ryan appeared to forget that Haskins had died on April 9, 2022, after getting struck by a vehicle while attempting to cross a highway in South Florida. But as Ryan tried to hype Daniel Jones on First Take by reiterating that he’s been a long-time supporter of the Giants quarterback, there was no need to bring Haskins into the conversation.

There are ways of talking about Haskins’ football career after his death. Tossing up air quotes while patting yourself on the back for correctly predicting he wouldn’t pan out in the NFL isn’t it.

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