If you were a listener to our podcast, you may have noticed we went on a hiatus. Today, we return and we hope to bring you a pair or podcasts every month.

With that in mind, a few notes:

** We’ve made a change in format. Instead of one feature interview, the AA podcast will be cut into two parts: 1) a roundtable discussing topical sports media items, and 2) a feature interview.

** The AA podcast is sponsored by Clippit TV. During each podcast, we’ll have on the first Twitter follower who correctly guesses our next guest on the show. They’ll see if the can name the announcer or movie of clips we play them that we’ve created using the Clippit app. This week, Mickey from Chicago went 1 for 2 and won a $25 Amazon gift card.

** Our host and producer is Ben Heisler who doubles as a host on 610AM in Kansas City. We’re quite happy to have him involved given his expertise. In this debut episode, Ben has on Matt Yoder, Ken Fang, and Andrew Bucholtz for a roundtable discussion.

Some highlights from this episode:

1-20: A deep dive into the Jemele Hill controversy. What could ESPN done differently? What needs to be changed going forward?

20-29: Is all the Tony Romo love valid? How surprising has he been thus far?

29-34: Thoughts on Rex Ryan, Beth Mowins, Hank Williams Jr, and a rather slow start of the NFL season compared to college football.

35-39: Mickey from Chicago shows good movie knowledge, but whiffs on guessing which announcer had a great Hail Mary call over the weekend.

40-43: Brent Musburger shares why he opted to pursue sports instead of news anchoring.

45:-49: Brent shares the story of his favorite announcing call of all time.

54:-56:  Was Brent ever frustrated with the quality of games he covered in his final years with ESPN after he was moved to SEC Network?

58:- 1:07: Does Musburger have a favorite color analyst that he’s worked with? He also has some interesting thoughts on the state of college football.

1:07-1:14: Which college towns is Brent going to miss the most, and why?

1:14-1:17: Some poignant thoughts on Jimmy The Greek.

1:17-1:25: The backstory on how he got involved with VSIN and how he’s liking it so far.

1:25-1:31: What would Brent say if called upon to make the case to the senate that gambling should be legalized? When does he think it will happen?

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