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The World Baseball Classic final aired on MLB Network Wednesday, as the rest of the tournament had. However, ESPN had the Spanish-language rights for ESPN Deportes. Because the U.S. was in the final, they opted to simulcast the ESPN Deportes Spanish-language telecast on ESPN2. This led to a lot of very stupid tweets from people complaining about the game being shown in Spanish on ESPN2. Here are some of the best/worst (language warning). As always, these are Real Tweets from Real People:

Some ESPN personalities took note of the backlash:

And some other fans chose this moment to complain about other English-language ESPN personalities:

It might have helped if the ESPN2 broadcast had been more clearly labeled an ESPN Deportes simulcast in programming guides. On many cable and satellite providers, it had only the game information, and all in English. Comcast threw in a “contra” instead of versus, but the rest of its game information was all in English, and DirecTV and AT&T both had solely-English descriptions for ESPN2.

Still, it should not be surprising to anyone that the English broadcast of the WBC final was on MLBN, as the entire tournament was aired there. And really, ESPN2 simulcasting ESPN Deportes is a service; it made the game available to even those who don’t get MLB Network. It’s unfortunate that people chose to complain about that instead of actually finding the English-language feed, or realizing that it wasn’t included in their package.

This does perhaps show how many people still instinctively go to ESPN for anything sports, but it also shows how many people don’t understand broadcast rights or where certain sports events are going to air. AA’s Joe Lucia summed it up nicely:


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