Randy Moss is one of the best receivers to ever play football. He also has a weekly segment in which he points out exemplary play from current pass-catchers and declares their opponents to be “Mossed!”

Today, that segment ended with a bit of a surprise addition: the astounding grab made by LSU tight end Thad Moss last night en route to a win over Alabama. The catch itself was a bit controversial, with Moss having been pushed out before reestablishing and making a toe-tap grab right in front of the CBS pylon cam. The skill required to haul the ball in, though, is inarguable.

Giving Randy Moss a platform to hype up his son’s highlight grab was also a tremendous choice, because he looks so legitimately thrilled:


The pure joy from Moss (and from Tedy Bruschi alongside) was fantastic, and completely earned and understandable as well. More television should involve an ecstatic Randy Moss dancing around happily while yelling insults into the camera.

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