With the possible exception of the proliferation of SkyCam, the Pylon Cam has been the most revelatory new camera angle to become standard for big college games on ESPN networks.

Today’s Big 12 title game between Baylor and Oklahoma State provided the latest example of how crucial that angle can be, not just from a viewer experience perspective, but from a “So did the ball break the plane?” point of view as well.

With Oklahoma State battling back to within inches of a late lead, Baylor needed to stop the Cowboys on a fourth and goal with under a minute remaining in the contest. And that’s exactly what they did, thanks to a ridiculous chasedown tackle:

Praise all around for ESPN’s production there, too. On a play like that, having top-notch camerawork from as many angles as possible is so huge. Considering the implications of that outcome (Oklahoma State’s playoff hopes rested on those final few inches) it was vital beyond just being a nice little trick shot.

Plus, hey, Dr. Pepper gets more key ad space. Everyone wins.

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