Peter Burns

During the halftime of Saturday’s game between the Florida Gators and the Vanderbilt Commodores on Saturday afternoon, things got a little bit awkward on the SEC Network when analyst Peter Burns made a joke about the wife of fellow analyst Benjamin Watson.

The awkward moment began when the SEC Network crew discussed their suit choices, with Watson wearing a light suit compared to their dark suits. Watson quipped that “as long as I get a text from my wife that says that I look good” he was okay with his suit choice.

Burns then made the moment a little awkward, saying “that’s not the one she sent me,” which elicited quite a reaction from the rest of the crew.

The halftime report then went to break. When they returned, Burns was missing from the desk while Watson walked back to the desk. They then made reference to Will Smith’s infamous “keep my wife’s name out your mouth” comment as Burns sat down at the desk, appearing to be furious.

While it wasn’t immediately clear to viewers whether the incident was staged or a genuine reaction, Burns did return to the set later and the two were friendly with each other later in the day. So it appears that it was just a joke.

[Cork Gaines]