Patrick Mahomes during his guest appearance on ESPN's ManningCast Photo Credit: ESPN

Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes made an appearance on ESPN’s ManningCast of Monday night’s matchup between the Denver Broncos and the Buffalo Bills. And it was an appearance to remember, as Mahomes showed off his advanced football knowledge with some shockingly accurate predictions of the Broncos’ play calling.

The Broncos found themselves in the red zone in the second quarter of the game. In typical ManningCast fashion, Eli Manning asked Mahomes how the Broncos were going to score on the possession, something they do with every guest on the show when a team in in the red zone.

Mahomes did one better for Eli, predicting the exact sequence of how the Broncos would eventually score on the drive.

“They are going to run it twice and then go with a hard play-action on third and short that’s gonna get a touchdown,” said Mahomes on the broadcast.

Well, this was the exact sequence that ended up happening. The Broncos would run it multiple times with Javonte Williams, and then throw a play-action pass that resulted in a touchdown in the back of the endzone to Courtland Sutton.

It turns out Mahomes knows a thing or two about his division rival. Fans watching at home took notice of this prediction from Mahomes and couldn’t believe how dead on he was.

This certainly makes you wonder whether a guy like Mahomes could potentially have a role in the booth someday after his playing career is done.

We have seen these types of uncanny predictions in the booth before from someone like CBS broadcaster and former NFL quarterback Tony Romo, which is mostly what he was known for early on in his broadcasting career.

There is obviously far more that goes into being a successful NFL broadcaster than just being able to predict plays and calling out defenses.

But at the very least, it certainly makes you wonder whether broadcasting would be something that Mahomes would potentially be interested in someday.

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