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After establishing itself as ESPN’s foremost voice on soaking and quaking, never say The Pat McAfee Show isn’t an educational program.

With the Arizona Coyotes departing the desert for Salt Lake City after 28 years in the Phoenix metro area, McAfee welcomed former Coyotes player Paul Bissonnette on the show where they discussed potential names for the now-Utah-based NHL franchise.

“Colby Armstrong, a guy involved with us, said the Salt Lake City Soakers,” Bissonnette said. “And I know you guys know what the term soakers is. They’re not big thrusters there. Premarital sex is a big issue there.”

“There” being Utah, where recent data shows nearly 42% of the state’s population identify as Mormons, which is down from 60% in 2020. And if you’re unaware of the sexual practice known as “soaking” and how it relates to Utah, either Google it or watch more of McAfee on ESPN.

“Have you heard about the quaking?” McAfee asked. Familiar with soaking, but unaware of quaking, Bissonnette requested a description. But McAfee would do one better, he didn’t stop at a description, he opted for a demonstration.

McAfee proceeded to explain that quaking features bunkbeds, with a couple soaking on the top bunk while another person is in the bottom bunk kicking the top bunk and well…you can just watch his detailed demonstration for the rest. While the quaking demonstration was new territory for McAfee on ESPN, discussing rumored sexual practices of Mormons is not.

A quick Twitter search will show that McAfee has made at least six different soaking references on his weekday show and College GameDay since joining ESPN.

Where else on ESPN are you getting this type of education, or at least sex education? Certainly not SportsCenter. This undoubtedly proves that McAfee is ESPN’s foremost voice on soaking and quaking. Perhaps this was the difference in vision ESPN had with Norby Williamson when they parted ways with the longtime executive two weeks ago.

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