Pat McAfee discussing footage of Scottie Scheffler's arrest Photo Credit: ESPN

Scottie Scheffler’s arrest prior to Round 2 of the PGA Championship last week and the following discussions around the arrest have taken the sports world by storm. And finally after six days, we now have footage of the incident that led up to the arrest.

Bryan Gillis, a detective for the Louisville Metro Police Department, the officer who made the arrest of Scheffler, has been at the center of the controversy following the incident, particularly because he did not have his mandated body camera on at the time of the arrest.

Gillis claimed that Scheffeler dragged him with his car while attempting to make the arrest. But thus far, no footage of that supposed action from Scheffler currently exists.

What does exist, which was shared by several different outlets, including on X, formerly known as Twitter, is footage of the incident captured from a pole camera near the area.

The video appears to show Scheffler slowly driving around the crash at the site, attempting to turn into Valhalla Golf Club, before Gillis smarks the side of Scheffler’s car. The top golfer then stopped his car and was later pulled out of the car by Gillis and then arrested.

The release of this video obviously wasn’t the best look for Gillis or the Louisville Metro Police Department as a whole. And naturally, they have begun to receive a ton of scrutiny for how things were handled in this situation.

Pat McAfee weighed in on the situation on his show, The Pat McAfee Show, on Thursday, saying that this is not a good representation of all police officers.

“I’ll tell you what, there is no cop in America that is like yup, that cop represents all cops. Because situations that happen with cops like this make all other cops look like assholes. And now we know, in any profession there is always going to be assholes.

“There’s always going to be ego-driven people. Especially in that particular one, there’s people that have a little heavier badge than other people that are in their profession. We have to understand that that’s how humans operate. Not all cops are bad. But whenever like this with the number one golfer in the world. And his description of what’s taking place, Jeff Darlington’s description of what’s taking place. It’s hard not to immediately assume that this is all bullshit.”

Again, it’s important to note that this video only captures just over a minute of the incident. Maybe Scheffler really did drag Gillis with his car moments before this video was captured, which may have prompted Gillis to act the way he did in the video.

But there is not currently any video showing that Gillis’ claims are true. Which is obviously on the LMPD for not having their body cameras on to capture the moment.

The optics certainly don’t support much of a case against Scheffler. So on paper, it is a bit surprising that Scheffler’s charges seemingly won’t be dropped before his arraignment.

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