Pat McAfee addresses Brett Favre lawsuit

One month after vaguely casting doubt over his sports media future, Pat McAfee’s offered some clarity on his deal with ESPN’s College GameDay.

Monday afternoon, a caller on The Pat McAfee Show asked the former NFL punter whether he’s definitely returning GameDay next season, in hopes of seeing the crew make a trip to LSU.

“Hopefully we’ll get down to LSU, because I’ve heard it is awesome,” McAfee said. “I am definitely on College GameDay for one more year. Definitely. That is a definite situation. After that, the conversation’s pending.”

College football fans might be happy to hear that news, especially after McAfee’s past vague comments. But for Aaron Rodgers, it means McAfee is continuing down the treacherous path of becoming a real media personality, something the polarizing quarterback has grown to loathe.

McAfee has spoken highly of his first season on GameDay. But in a recent cryptic and also oddly detailed social media post, the podcast host pondered every aspect of his media career. In the post, McAfee cited having a baby on the way, and he made it seem like it might be time to cut back a bit on his jam-packed work schedule.

Last month, McAfee questioned his future with WWE, noted he was without a long-term contract on GameDay and added that his podcast’s four-year $120 million partnership with FanDuel was in a bit of flux. One month later, McAfee has provided a little bit of clarity.

Recently, McAfee admitted he was looking to possibly leave his FanDuel deal. But while that particular element remains up in the air for now, he has now confirmed his return to GameDay for at least one more season. And Wade Barrett was named his permanent replacement on WWE SmackDown.

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