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The Pat McAfee Show will debut on ESPN Thursday at noon ET and luckily, those averse to profanity may not need to cover their virgin ears.

Ever since the surprising multiyear partnership between McAfee and ESPN was announced in May, fans have wondered, what will happen to all the swearing that occurs on the show? Thankfully, The Wall Street Journal has an answer. According to WSJ, ESPN will combat McAfee’s affinity for the f-bomb by airing the show on delay. That’s right, The Wall Street Journal is now reporting on Pat McAfee’s swearing and how it will fit at Disney’s ESPN.

McAfee’s show will premiere on ESPN Thursday at noon ET, with the first two hours of the show airing on ESPN, ESPN+, and ESPN’s YouTube channel, while the third hour will air exclusively on ESPN+ and ESPN’s YouTube channel. After the ESPN partnership was announced, McAfee acknowledged he would try to lessen the number of f-bombs dropped on his show, but he didn’t want to completely change his vocabulary for the Worldwide Leader.

“Most of us come from blue-collar towns who speak in a certain way—so I didn’t want to lose all of our swear words,” McAfee told WSJ.

Pat McAfee curses. And the retired NFL punter has mostly carved his space in the sports entertainment industry at places that allow cursing, such as Barstool, SiriusXM and YouTube. Disney’s ESPN, however, is less tolerant of profanity on its airwaves. Those who like uncensored f-bombs can watch McAfee on YouTube. And thanks to the delay, those who don’t like uncensored f-bombs, such as Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, can enjoy the show on ESPN with the courtesy of muted f-bombs.

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