Rece Davis, Pat McAfee and Lee Corso talk on set. Rece Davis, Pat McAfee and Lee Corso talk on set. Credit: Tuscaloosa News

These days, it seems like Pat McAfee is everywhere.

Between his daily show simulcast on ESPN, his weekly color commentary alongside Michael Cole on WWE Monday Night Raw, his appearances on the College GameDay panel, and various ESPN megacasts and special presentations, McAfee is one of the most visible personalities in sports media.

McAfee implied that some of the reactions and reception he received during his GameDay appearances might drive him away, but he ultimately decided he would be back for 2024, though not without some concerns.

“I’m back. I don’t love it. I don’t love that my life is just going to continue to have people telling me to run into oncoming traffic, swallow a barrel,” he said in December, via Athlon Sports.

On Wednesday, GameDay co-host Kirk Herbstreit joined The Pat McAfee Show and Pat shared with him that he was still ironing out the details of his contract with ESPN.

“We’re not getting into that,” McAfee said, via On3, after Herbstreit asked if he got his contract sorted out yet. “I don’t know if (many, many years) is the case, but it will get figured out. It was an honor, it is an honor to be a part of College GameDay.”

“It’s an ongoing honor,” Herbstreit replied.

“Yeah, of course … the honor goes on,” McAfee said. “The honor goes on forever and ever.”

“It better. It better,” Herbstreit added.

Shortly after McAfee announced he’d be returning, Herbstreit said that had McAfee left, he would have also left College GameDay, where he’s been a fixture since 1996. So we’re guessing he really wants to make sure McAfee follows through.

ESPN declined to comment on McAfee’s College GameDay contract comments.

We would have to imagine that this is a matter of crossing T’s and dotting I’s, though Pat’s issues with certain fanbases last season remain something to keep an eye on this season, especially if he continues to troll them over their chants and feedback.

McAfee’s contract status doesn’t seem like much of a concern at the moment, but with the season just three months away, surely both sides will be more comfortable once a formal agreement is reached.

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