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Tony Kornheiser has been an integral part of ESPN programming for the better part of three decades. However, according to Pablo Torre, that doesn’t mean that Kornheiser has the greatest relationship with some of his current coworkers at the company.

Kornheiser, who of course rose to prominence on several different ESPN programs, most notably early on his career as a regular on The Sports Reporters and later on Pardon the Interruption, has had to adjust to working with countless personalities over the years.

But it turns out, he may not be as close with some people at ESPN as it seems. Pablo Torre, who has frequently appeared on PTI alongside Kornheiser since 2014, discussed his co-worker during a recent episode of his podcastPablo Torre Finds Out, detailing how Kornheiser frequently complains to him about “people that he hates who work at ESPN.”

“We’re friends,” said Torre of Kornheiser. “He is a 75-year-old man, I’m turning 39 in September. That’s an age gap of 35 or so years. And yeah, I go over there and he grilled some flank steak for me. We had some wine. He does the thing that I go to him the most for, which is an uncensored version of all of his complaints about people that he hates who work at ESPN. Which is great. He yells at Alexa because it helps him time when he needs to flip his steak over. I love my old man friend.”

It’s not exactly all that much of a shock when you consider some of Kornheiser’s past remarks to some of his coworkers. Kornheiser has famously had some less-than-pleasant words for Mike Golic and Hannah Storm over the years.

But still, it is at least interesting to hear Torre discuss Kornheiser’s issues with some of his coworkers so openly on his own podcast.

[Pablo Torre Finds Out on YouTube]

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