Northwestern Pat Fitzgerald Credit: Dan Le Betard Show | Pablo Torre credits The Daily Northwestern for ‘putting on a clinic’ this week.

Pablo Torre recently launched his own digital show for DraftKings Network and Meadowlark Media, but has love for all forms of sports media. That includes everyone’s favorite punching bag, the debate show.

“Some are ridiculous, others kind of make you think as well,” Torre said while appearing on the Awful Announcing Podcast. “But when it comes to what’s bad about sports debate culture that I sort of cringe at, I don’t want to just name the name that I’m imagining … but there is an art to being a gasbag.”

“And I don’t consider myself the best gasbag, but I do consider myself someone who can explain why they find someone interesting and have opinions that are maybe going to provoke some thoughts.”

Torre added that compared with others in the space such as Dan Le Batard who demonize debate hosts, he “loves” the format.

“You can do weird sports debate, you can sports debate that parodies sports debate, but let’s also be honest that we’re drinking from the same trough of ‘Did the Cowboys choke?'” Torre explained. “I’m not above that question when it comes to being on ESPN.”

Torre developed a deeper appreciation after starting at ESPN. He was often asked to fill in on Pardon the Interruption as a fill-in for the show’s “Stat Boy” Tony Reali (until that role ended), and for Reali as host of Around the Horn and as a panelist on that show.

“These moments that feel like I’m inside of the television,” Torre said. “It feels so alien.”

Specifically, kicking off his first episode of PTI with the classic “Pardon the interruption, I’m Pablo Torre” opening was strange for Torre as a longtime fan of the show who rehearsed the line in his mirror.

“You just want to say the words and get things started without face-planting immediately,” Torre explained. “And then I blacked out. And I don’t even remember what else happened.”

Today, Torre splits time between ESPN and Meadowlark. He still works on both PTI and ATH for the network, in addition to hosting Pablo Torre Finds Out on Meadowlark digital platforms and DraftKings Network, which has a licensing deal with the Le Batard-founded Meadowlark.

The full episode of The Awful Announcing Podcast with Torre will release Friday.

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