Only a week old, this NBA offseason is already proving to be vastly more entertaining than the actual NBA season that just concluded.

And we haven’t even gotten to tonight’s 2017 NBA Draft, in which picks and trades will be flying around the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn.

Because every sports event is made better with an accompanying drinking game, here is tonight’s alcoholic accompaniment to ESPN’s telecast.

[Note: Don’t be a moron. Know your drinking limit and don’t drink and drive.]

 Drink 1 each time Jay Bilas says:

  1. “Wingspan”
  2. “Long arms”
  3. “Upside”
  4. “Potential”
  5. “Ceiling”
  6. “Freak athlete”
  7. “NBA body”
  8. “Basketball IQ”
  9. “Attacks the rim”
  10. “Stretches the floor”

Drink another 1 each time Bilas uses one of the following adjectives:

  1. “Excellent”
  2. “Elite”
  3. “Versatile”
  4. “Dynamic”
  5. “Explosive”
  6. “Phenomenal”
  7. “Big-time”
  8. “Multi-dimensional”

Drink 2 every time one of the following is mentioned:

  1. “One & Done”
  2. “Draft & Stash”
  3. “The Process”
  4. “Best player available”
  5. A player’s vertical leap
  6. Danny Ainge
  7. Phil Jackson
  8. LaVar Ball

Finish drink every time:

  1. Jalen Rose makes an insane NBA player comparison (i.e. Luke Kennard & Larry Bird)
  2. Fran Fraschilla makes a cameo to analyze an International player
  3. A player comes out of the Barclay’s Center stands after being selected
  4. Knicks fans boo their pick

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