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Former Texas A&M linebacker and top NFL draft prospect Myles Garrett had his day of appearances on ESPN’s Bristol-based shows get off to an interesting start Monday morning, as he reportedly boycotted Mike and Mike thanks to fill-in host (and Garrett critic) Booger McFarland. Garrett had a little more fun on some of the later shows, though, and on NFL Live, he did 25 bench press reps…of ESPN analyst Field Yates.

As Moore notes, Woody did this back in February, but only managed to bench Yates 19 times:

So, Garrett is one step ahead of the other prospects in the crucial “benching ESPN analysts” metric. He got 25 reps of Yates in (24 if you don’t count the last one), and looked pretty comfortable doing this. We have to wonder why Yates is always the one selected for this, though. What about benching Mel Kiper Jr. so he has something to judge prospects by? (It might work out better than some of Kiper’s past judgements.) Or taking Garrett’s rivalry with McFarland to the next level by having him try to bench the big former lineman?

In any case, we finally got to see weightlifting combined with studio analysis. That’s a broadcasting revolution right there. And maybe it means we can change the “ESPN car wash” (where athletes or coaches visiting Bristol appear on all the studio shows) to the “ESPN car wash and weightlifting championships.”

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