Scott Van Pelt’s SportsCenter is already one of the best things on ESPN, and the weekly Bad Beats segment with Stanford Steve is always a highlight.

Last night, it went nearly ten minutes, and frankly we would have watched even more. If you’re somehow reading this without knowing the context of the segment: it looks at unlikely garbage time moments and (most often) mishaps that lead to a gambling outcome sure to leave losing bettors frustrated/devastated/catatonic, depending on their financial stake.

(If you don’t have nine minutes to spare right now, start at the 6:29 mark for the final game, Abilene Christian at Virginia. It’s incredible.)

Without further ado:

It’s a weird time for sports, with games being canceled or on the verge of being canceled left and right. It’s also a weird time for a holiday week, considering how impossible it is to responsibly travel and see friends and family. It sounds silly, but there’s something very comforting about watching SVP and Stanford Steve doing this, and doing it this well.

Thanks to everyone involved there, especially the Virginia coordinator who called the wrong play by accident.


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