Wind hit ESPN's Monday Night Countdown pre-game panel.

The snowy and windy weather in Buffalo ahead of Monday night’s Patriots-Bills game even led to impacts for ESPN’s on-site pregame show. The Monday Night Countdown panel of Suzy Kolber, Alex Smith, Randy Moss, Booger McFarland, and Adam Schefter experienced quite a wind gust, leading to them even getting up out of their chairs to avoid being blown over:

Here’s a further weather shot from the field from Schefter:

And this led to McFarland and Moss offering some on-air complaints later, and heading inside to warm up ahead of the game:

Meanwhile, things are presumably much warmer in the Omaha Productions studios (the homes of Peyton and Eli Manning), where David Letterman will be joining as a guest (as well as Aqib Talib and Joe Buck). There are definitely some advantages to not being on site for frigid games. And, funnily enough, Monday Night Countdown was in the studio for last week’s game (Seattle-Washington). So they picked a not-ideal week to be on site. (Although it did make for some good TV visuals…)

[Ben Koo on Clippit]

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