Chris Russo's Notes via Molly Qerim

If you think you have a hard time understanding what Chris “Mad Dog” Russo is trying to say during some of his unhinged rants, just wait until you see the show notes he refers to while on First Take.

Russo made his usual First Take appearance on Wednesday, letting loose one of his patented diatribes. This time, it was over the news that the NFL has the ability to flex Thursday Night Football games this season.

However, something that was much more interesting was host Molly Qerim fulfilling a promise she made to share Russo’s show notes with viewers. She and the notes did not disappoint.

The entire thing, which must be like the bulletin board in The Usual Suspects to Russo, is peppered with circled numbers as well as NFL cities, players, and phrases. Dan Orlovsky also makes an appearance, and the ESPN NFL analyst had some thoughts to share about the scribblings.

“38 circled on there like 6 times,” wrote Orlovsky, trying in vain to decipher the mystery.

The notes also elicited reactions from many others around the sports world.

Much like when Russo goes off for five minutes on how the NBA was better in 1976, there’s no use trying to figure out what it all means. Instead, simply appreciate that it exists. And it will continue existing on ESPN for at least another year as he re-upped with them in March.

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