Stephen A. Smith, Molly Qerim, Chris Russo and Keyshawn Johnson on First Take

As First Take celebrated Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo’s birthday Tuesday morning, Stephen A. Smith was quick to remind Molly Qerim not to eat any cake.

Stephen A. Smith: “He’s gonna celebrate with Mrs. Mad Dog. She reached out this morning. She reached out this morning to let us know.”

Molly Qerim: “She’s baking his cake right now. How sweet. I love it. From scratch.”

Stephen A. Smith: “Don’t eat any, Molly. You’ve been eating enough over the last – you ate my cake.”

That was the moment where Qerim’s jaw dropped, along with everyone watching First Take who was inevitably surprised by the joke to prompt Smith’s quick attempt at offering clarification.

“I’m not talking about how you look, you look great!” Smith explained. “But she ate my cake! You look great, I’m just saying she ate my cake! That’s all I meant by that.”

Russo and Keyshawn Johnson remained innocent bystanders as Smith continued to dig himself a deeper hole. And Qerim proceeded to steal my thunder by writing her own headline for the surprising cake segment.

“That’s about to go viral,” Qerim predicted. “I blame you when there’s a headline. Going viral, ‘Stephen A. tells Molly she eats too much cake,’ I see the headline now.”

First, I need Smith to stop repeating “she ate my cake.” The phrase was being tossed around way too soon after Smith offered shockingly intimate details about his personal life, which are uncomfortable to even reference. Second, Smith celebrated his own birthday last week and he was presented with a cake on First Take. It seemed like he was being genuine in claiming the joke gone wrong had nothing to do with Qerim’s physical appearance. But regardless of intent, calling Qerim out for eating too much cake was never going to end well for Smith.

Happy Birthday, Mad Dog.

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