NFL Draft coverage resumes this evening, and ESPN’s Mina Kimes has one very important request for her beloved Seattle Seahawks: draft a quarterback.

It’s not an unreasonable request! This draft was low on top-end QB talent according to evaluators, as evidenced by the fact that just one, Pitt’s Kenny Pickett, was selected in the first round.

Appearing on NFL Live ahead of ESPN’s main coverage, Kimes made a direct appeal to Seahawks GM John Schneider to draft Liberty quarterback Malik Willis:

“John Schneider, I know you watch the show. GM of the Seahawks. I’m begging you. I would get on my knees, but, I can’t right now. Please, for the love of god draft Malik Willis…he is the only quarterback in this class with special, special traits. Yes, he has a lot of work to do in terms of processing and running a pro-style offense, but he has time! You have time! No one expects you to be good this year! So draft the fun, exciting quarterback so the Seahawks can be entertaining on Sundays! I’m begging you.”

So, how likely is Mina to get her wish? It’s hard to say, but Seattle does have two of the first ten picks in tonight’s second round, and while Willis might end up going early, they do probably have at least a chance at him.

For Mina’s sake, Seattle, let’s make this happen.

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