Mike Greenberg scolds Mike Tannenbaum on Get Up

The Jets trading for Aaron Rodgers will make Mike Greenberg consider chopping off a limb. The Jets drafting a quarterback will make Mike Greenberg’s voice squeak like it’s going through puberty.

With the Jets hellbent on sticking to offseason Plan A of acquiring Aaron Rodgers, their former general manager and current ESPN analyst Mike Tannenbaum says the team should use a first-round draft pick to select a quarterback. Considering that’s the very personnel decision that sent Rodgers’ relationship with the Green Bay Packers off the rails, the Jets opting to burn significant draft capital on another quarterback sounds like an absurd idea, and Greenberg said as much Tuesday morning on Get Up.

“You’re gonna have Aaron Rodgers and you’re gonna draft a quarterback in the first round, what could go wrong?” Greenberg asked sarcastically considering Rodgers turned on the Green Bay Packers after drafting Jordan Love in the first round. “Oh yeah, everything! This is the worst idea I’ve ever heard in my life. Are you out of your mind? Tannenbaum! I want this man expelled, not only from this conversation but from all football conversations that are ever to come!”

The Jets trading for Aaron Rodgers and drafting a quarterback in the first round isn’t quite a take hot enough to be the offspring of Stephen A. Smith or Skip Bayless, but it was enough to set off Mike Greenberg. Greenberg is usually even-keeled, serving as Get Up’s point guard to foster conversations and debates amongst ESPN’s long roster of analysts. But this Rodgers to the Jets news has Greenberg revealing he has some shock jock in him, with the longtime ESPN personality even admitting he’ll say the “F-word out loud” if the trade falls through. That’s right, the F-word!

After Greenberg’s rage had his voice squeaking like Peter Brady throughout his Tuesday morning rant, the ESPN host went on The Pat McAfee Show and boldly labeled Tannenbaum’s Jets take the “worst thing” anyone has ever said on Get Up.

“Of all the things anyone has ever said on my show, and we’ve had some really dumb things said on my show, I’ve said most of them,” Greenberg admitted to McAfee. “That was the dumbest. That was the worst thing anyone has ever said in the history of Get Up.”

While the idea of the Jets deeming current quarterback Zach Wilson a bust and opting to develop another young quarterback is not absurd, the idea of the Jets drafting another young quarterback for Rodgers to mentor this season is absurd. Rodgers reportedly handed the Jets a “wish list” of players he would like the team to acquire. Surely, wasting a first-round draft pick on a quarterback that is of no use to him would not be high on his order of demands.

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